Be a Judge!

11209651_10153280809516112_4904477040911024408_nHave you ever judged a speaker, or a debate? No? Actually, you have! You do it almost every day. Every time you listen to the news, a political candidate, or even a conversation where opinions are expressed, you weigh what you hear and render some kind of judgment. You’ll use those same skills as a community judge for an NCFCA tournament speech or debate round.

We only need a few hours of your time, but we guarantee you’ll remember the experience for the rest of your life. You’ll be encouraged as you hear teens give an unrehearsed speech on a current event in the news, a biographical sketch of a historical figure, or an articulate and well-reasoned rebuttal in spirited policy or values debate.

Would you like to know more? Just fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you with information about how you can judge a tournament in your area.